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The ‘Ndrezzata enters the IPIC

The ‘Ndrezzata becomes part of the Inventory of the Campania Intangible Cultural Heritage. With executive decree no. 205 of 07/10/2019 the Campania Region has included the ‘Ndrezzata dance in the Campania Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory (IPIC), with the following motivation: “The cultural value of the candidacy is recognized for the purpose of safeguarding the intangible […]

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Buonopane new

Discovering Buonopane Buonopane New wishes to be a contribution to try to nurture more knowledge and appreciation of the ancient village that Greeks and Romans knew, attended and appreciated. Much, however, has gone irretrievably lost for lack of programming and above all sensitivity. Particularly the section “art”: the prestigious New Buonopane in the poet Pasquale Balestriere […]

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